Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shameless Promotion - However Long the Night

I have been told that a book does not sell on Amazon without at least 50 reviews posted there. I have tried in the past to give away review copies in exchange for a review, and had very few people follow through. This being the case, I would like to make the following offer:

The first 50 people to buy my new book, However Long the Night, and post a review on Amazon will have their full purchase price (up to regular retail price) refunded by me. The book can be purchased as an eBook from Eternal Press or Amazon, or as a paperback when available from Amazon, or from any other vendor or source.

Send a copy of your receipt, your name and address, along with the name you used to post the review, to me via email at or by mail to
David Pereda
600 Merrimon Ave #6F
Asheville, NC 28804

I will verify that the review has been posted (and will make sure nobody has yet claimed that review), and mail you a check for the full amount you paid including tax.


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