Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Readers Favorite - 5 stars

I just received a 5-star review from Readers Favorite. I'm still waiting to see if HLTN is a Finalist in their annual awards. Here's the review:

Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite

Nineteen year old Cid Milan leaves Cuba with his family in 1980. His father, the Colonel, had fought with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, but when he turned against their Marxist leanings, he was put in jail for three years. Twenty-five years pass and Cid is a U.S. citizen and college educated, a successful architect, and has just been named "South Florida's Hispanic Man of the Year. "He has not spoken to his father in years, but he is called to Tampa as the Colonel, dying of lung cancer, has a confession to make to Cid. What is on the Colonel's mind? Years before, as the Milans were leaving Cuba, the Colonel knew that Cid's girlfriend, Sandra, was pregnant with their child, but would not let her join them in their escape from Cuba. Can Cid get back into Cuba to find Sandra and their son, now a grown man?

"However Long the Night" is a well-written and well-edited story of lovers separated for years by their families. The characters of Cid, Sandra, their son Diego, Cid's brother Manny, and all the other characters both major and minor are well-developed and highly believable. The plot proceeds believably as Cid goes to great lengths to find Sandra and their son. His trip to Mexico to get into Cuba and the people he must find and then interview to reach his long-lost love are quite real and will draw the reader into the story. The build up of suspense as "However Long the Night" comes to its conclusion will keep the reader absorbed until the story's concluding pages. "However Long the Night" is a sure keeper!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Articles

My two most-recently-published articles, "The Pros and Cons of Blog Book Tours" and "Are Minor Literary Awards Worth It?", are now available on my website. The former was published on the Book 'Em NC website, and the latter by the newsletter for the South Florida Writer's Association. Have a peek!