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David Pereda's - However Long the Night. A great read.

I was somewhat nervous of doing a professional review, what if I don't like the book? However, as I had the opportunity to choose the books that interest me on this tour, I was delighted to settle down with David Pereda's book 'However Long the Night' and discover myself pleasantly transported to another country, namely Cuba, and a different world.

During my research I discovered the book was the Winner of the Lighthouse Book Award for fiction and the Royal Palm Award for fiction,. The book in short is a sweeping romance with a depth of suspense and political and historical intrigue. This gives the book weight.

The main character Cid, is a man who discovers that the whole edifice of his success is a lie perpetrated by his own father. Much of the book is set in Cuba and the writing which is sweeping and descriptive evokes the warm sensuality of the country. I have been to Cuba myself and so it was a secondary pleasure to be transported to a living breathing Cuba, rather than the one portrayed for the consumption of holiday makers. It will certainly make me appreciate my experience there all the more.

The story is exotically sumptuous. The account transports us on the journey of a Cuban family forced to leave Cuba during the boatlift of 1980. The story is focused on Cid who arrives as a teenager in the United States. He goes on to become successful as an architect in Miami with all the accoutrement of the role. The book however avoids predictability by launching us into a world of intrigue surrounding his father's past in Cuba. I will not go into the details as it will spoil the story. Suffice to say Cid's journey risks danger and intrigue.

As a skilled writer David Pereda manages to keep the mystery of the story suspended thus engaging the reader to the very end. I was hooked by the three dimensional complexity of the character development and the swirling description.

As a writer myself I have certainly learned a thing or two. I have nothing but admiration for the quality of the writing and the awards previously won are well deserved. I give this book a well deserved 4.5. The story will stay with you and give you a satisfying excursion into pastures new crossing as it does the area between fiction and faction. Certainly a page turner and one to add to the library. I would be tempted to read it more than once as there is bound to be more to get out of it with each read.

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