Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Molly Reviews HLTN

Reviews by Molly's review of However Long the Night today (3/7/12):
Okay, let’s be honest here. A romance novel….from a GUY? Yeppers. And let me tell you this. David Pereda really KNOWS how to capture the reader instantly with his characters, and a twistful plot line that will knock you down….and keep you hooked until the end.
Combining history with fiction, Pereda takes a dive into the Cuban world in the 1980s. He takes his plot line and adds the characters to the mix in such a way that the reader will not be let go. You become the characters and feel every emotion that they do. He adds lies to the story that will leave the reader wondering how anyone could do that.
Cid left Cuba in the 1980′s with his father, to land in America. He left behind his ways of life and the people that were important to him, only to live a life that was based on lies, hurt and anger. But, once in America, he embraces it, and moves on. Little did he know, that back in Cuba….there’s the answer to a long lived lie, waiting for him.
Cid’s father, Colonel Milan is sick. On his deathbed, he tells Cid just what he wants. To return to Cuba and bring back his grandson, and Cid’s former love, to meet him. Cid, shocked at the revelation and not sure what to think of that, dives into his past and returns to the land of his youth. What ensues there, will leave the reader on a fabulous ride of romance and suspense as lies turn into truth,betrayal into trust and forgiveness is pursued.
This is an interesting twist on a romance novel, and it’s one that I am glad that I had the pleasure of reading. It grips the reader so wholly that before they know, it’s over, and you’re left with a feeling of needing more. This is most definitely a 5 Book worthy novel, and I am so pleased to say that I am a new fan of this highly talented author! I can’t wait to read more work by him, even if they aren’t romance novels! If they are as good as this book, then they will be awesome.

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