Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catching up

The Blog Tour with Goddessfish went quite well. I have not yet noticed an uptick in sales, but it was illuminating for me as well as those reading the various blogs. Thanks to Goddessfish and all who participated.

Wil Hough just quoted me on his popular "Roses and Thorns" blog - the quotation is:
"As author/educator David Pereda points out, “We are so concerned with inventing something new every time out that we don't realize that what we have isn't fully invented yet” (or fully understood or fully explained)."

Please come join me at the Kenilworth Book Fair on Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm at Kenilworth Presbyterian Church. I will be there with the sleep-deprived Moss Bliss, my friend and Senior Editor for Eternal Press and Damnation Books.



  1. Hey David ... thanks for following me - and now I'm following you on twitter. We authors find strength in being there for one another! I invite you to join if you haven't already done so and search for and friend me there. Ditto Facebook - support me at Also friend me at - I'm happy to do the same for you, wherever.

  2. David - I hope you are okay - ...?