Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New review for Havana: Killing Castro

David Pereda
Havana: Killing Castro

David Pereda has done it again. In Havana: Killing Castro he continues intriguing readers with the story begun in Havana: Top Secret published last year.

In this sequel, when an old fisherman is gunned down on a Mexican breach, prominent Miami surgeon Raymond Peters becomes the prime suspect. The dead fisherman is believed to be Fidel Castro whom Dr. Peters had helped disguise through clandestine plastic surgery on a trip to Cuba two years earlier. But is the body really that of the Cuban leader?

In order to save his own life, the beleaguered physician must find the killers and retrieve a mysterious journal. And this has to be done while outwitting Marcela, a sensual killer sent by Castro's brother Raul.

David is an award-winning author and college writing instructor living in Asheville, and is a frequent contributor to The Laurel of Asheville. He is the regional director of the Florida Writers Association's Western North Carolina division and the founder of Asheville Writing Enthusiasts.

Havana: Killing Castro, softcover, $13.95, is published by Eternal Press and is available in bookstores and at Amazon.com and davidpereda.com. It is also available as an ebook and for Amazon's Kindle.

(This review will be available at http://www.thelaurelofasheville.com/ as soon as their website is updated for the March issue.)

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